About E-Drops Nano

Eastgate Biotech Corp and Natural-e is is a producer of all natural herbal products that benefit the physical and mental well being of those suffering a urinary tract infection. We use only the latest, top of the line pharmaceutical lab equipment in our production. Our team consists of the finest in various fields of the medical community from across the globe, including Ph.Ds, doctors, researchers and leaders in the pharma industry. They've put every effort imaginable into developing natural, affordable remedies that can be utilized by people around the world. Eastgate Biotech Corp and Natural-E strives to bring solutions to the table that will treat urinary tract infections.

Adhering to the strictest standards for medical development, we put our studies, research and testing through a rigorous process. Our goal is to bring a solution that helps others deal with their conditions and illnesses without side effects and worries about expense.

A division of  Eastgate Biotech Corp also known as Eastgate Pharmaceuticals, wants its products to provide quick and long lasting relief to those in pain and suffering urinary tract infections. Putting our best resources into research, we've learned that there are herbal extracts in certain plants that have proven to be effective and powerful allies in the fight to rid the human body of infections. Through extensive testing, we have managed to combine the best elements of these extracts, determining practical uses of herbal extracts and how they can aid the human body.

Eastgate Biotech Corp along with Natural-E hopes to bring you along as we continue to explore naturally healthy medical products. Overseeing the operations are top clinicians in their fields.

Joseph Schwarz, Ph.D.
Dr. Schwarz has a background in research going back many years. He specializes in the development of controlled release drug delivery systems. He brings to Eastgate Biotech Corp his expertise in microcorpusculate and colloidal drug delivery, biodegradable mico- and nano-particles and submicron emulsions. He is also a respected authority on systemic and topical transdermal delivery.

Dr. Schwarz was the senior scientist at Pharmos TEVA Pharmaceuticals (R&D), Israel's D-PHARM and Novapharm and AlphRx in Canada. He is the writer of over 40 articles published in a variety of scientific journals. He has also written over 20 patents and patent applications.

Michael Weisspapir, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Weisspapir has two decades of history in experimental medicine. He has performed research and development in pharmacology, toxicology, immunipharmacology and neuroscience. His career highlights include positions at Rabin Medical Center, Tel Aviv University and the University Health Network at the University of Toronto.

Mira Hasanagic, M.D., A.M.
Dr. Hasanagic is president and CEO of Natural-E. She has more than 20 years of experience in medicinal herbs and oils. She is a graduate of the Indian Academy of Alternative Medicine.

Vedran Hasanagic, M.D., A.M.
Natural-E Founder