E-Drops Nano Customer Testimonials

Hello, Vedran! First of all, I'd like to thank you for saving me from this long-lasting trouble named Escherichia. I told you about everything I'd tried and difficulties I'd been through all those years, and you and your therapy were the only ones that managed to help me. I'd like to thank you a lot for everything you've done for me. It's been three months since I last had some problems and now I feel great. The best thing I found out three days ago was that I'm going to be a mom, and I've been on cloud nine since. As soon as I found out about being pregnant, I consulted my doctor if I should continue consuming E-Drops (I've been consuming E2 and I'm almost done with it). She wasn't able to tell me anything precisely, because she didn't know ingredients so I decided to consult you again. On your forum I came across a piece of information saying that the drops can be also used during pregnancy, but I'd like you to confirm that, because I'm worried a little. If they can't cause any harm, I'd like to order another bottle, as I'm very afraid of immune deficiency and reappearance of the infection. I'd like to ask you to tell me about the dosage under these circumstances. Once again, I'd like to thank you immensely and wish the best of luck to you and your family. Greetings.

This letter is being written by a parent who desperately needs help. My name is Violeta K. and my six year old daughter has had serious problems with Escherichia for 2 years. By the way, we live in Australia, a country that has a small amount of natural and herbal preparations on the market. We visited Serbia last year and bought the drops both for treatment and prevention. They were incredibly helpful. Is there a way to send us the drops for prevention to Australia? We called your distributors all over the former Yugoslavia, and they told us it was quite complicated the drops to be sent to Australia. They also told us to ask you for help. Thank you in advance. A.'s mom.

I'd like to ask you to give me some answers because it is very important to me. I've used the drops and they helped me get rid of annoying Escherichia. Afterwards, I've also used E2 drops and I felt great. However, I've been pregnant for 8 weeks, and Escherichia reappeared, and my gynecologist advised me to take antibiotics, but still I want to use natural preparations as I know antibiotics haven't had any effects for 9 years now. I've been wondering whether it is safe to use these drops now or I should wait for another month to pass or something. Thanks in advance. Helena.

Hello. First of all, I'd like to say that I've been very satisfied regarding use of E-Drops. Escherichia infection in vaginal and cervical smear disappeared completely 8 days after being treated with E-Drops only. I've also noticed that the drops have diuretic effects which is quite important if there are urinary infections. Thanks a lot. Katolina.

Mr. Hasanagic, I'd like to thank you and E-Drops Nano because my long-lasting problem is over now. This preparation is efficient, no doubt. Once more, I'd like to thank you a lot. Greetings.

Thank you immensely in behalf of my daughter Sonja who, thanks to E-Drops, finally got rid of Escherichia and is going to be a mom. Dear Vedran, thank you a lot for being patient and helpful regarding this problem our family struggled with for such a long time. Happy grandmother-to-be. Dragana.

I just wanted to say hello. It's been a while since I last had a conversation with you. The little girl who had problems with bacteria is still alright thanks to the drops. We stick to your advice. I wish you success in your career. Thank you for everything, Mr. Hasanagic.

Hello, Vedran. I'd just like to inform you that treatment with E-Drops was very successful. After a ten-day break I did a urine culture test and Escherichia coli was not there anymore. I continued giving couch grass tea to my little girl, at least half a liter a day or sometimes less. Progress was obvious after 5 days (she didn't urinate at night). However, as soon as she doesn't take certain amount of the liquid during the day, she starts to urinate at night. That's the reason I still insist on taking the liquid. I am about to start using the drops for reinforcement and maintenance of the immune system. No matter what, I will keep informing you, but after a two-year struggle the problem my daughter had is finally over, and forever hopefully. But, last year at this time I also got rid of Escherichia until it appeared again in October, and the only thing I can do now is to wait. Anyway, thank you for your help. Greetings from sunny Split.

Hello, I must tell you that I had my urine analysis done which resulted in 100.000 of Escherichia bacterium in 2/3 of the culture and enterococcus in the remaining third. After a 10-day E-Drops treatment, using no antibiotics and 6 days after the therapy I had the analysis done and there were no bacteria I've just mentioned. However, there was a small number, approximately 1.000 germs of a new bacterium from Proteus genus, and I was told that was a small number and in that case antibiogram isn't done or it is treated. Doctor Hasanagic, what do you suggest? Should I take another therapy or just leave it as I am about to have my urine tested in 10-15 days? I have to express my vast gratitude on this forum because the drops were very helpful. I hope the bacterium doesn't reappear.

Hello. I did as I was told, but I must confess I was being mistrustful. The second therapy helped me and my urine was sterile. That makes me really happy and I'd like to thank you. I'll do my best to obey your advice regarding improvement of the immune system. I wish you success in your career. Greetings.

Hello, Mr. Hasanagic. My name's Predrag Radovanovic, I'm 50 years old and I've suffered from paraplegia for 30 years. Escherichia is often present in my urine which makes serious problems. I started using E-Drops on September 23rd. At the same time, I was having gentamicin injection therapy and was drinking couch grass tea with lemon which made me feel better immediately. I was in pain (it was burning) in the area of left kidney, but that's over now. It's been 7 days since I started using E-Drops and my urine became cloudy, and it was clean and clear until that very moment, so I wanted to ask you if that's sort of a reaction, sludge that should be discharged. I don't feel any pain anymore and I will have my urine tested tomorrow and let you know. I'd like to thank you, the drops helped me and I carefully read about prevention as well, trying to stick to the rules. Greetings from Belgrade to you and your family. Predrag Radovanovic.

Hello, in the fifth month of pregnancy I was diagnosed with Escherichia coli (105/ml). My doctor prescribed me medications, and in the meantime while I was looking into this harmful bacterium, I came across E-Drops I immediately ordered. I'm in the 7th month of pregnancy and the results haven't shown the presence of the bacterium. I'm very happy about it and I felt like I had to inform you too and share the news with others suffering from this problem and recommend E-Drops to them. Greetings.

With the permission of Mr. Aleksandar Jakovljevic from Slovenia, we are posting fragments of the conversation related to E-Drops therapy used for his son's treatment:

Dear Mr. Hasanagic, my name's Aleksandar and I live in Slovenia. My 15-month-old son got infected with Escherichia coli for the first time when he was 22 days old, and he has suffered from it 3 times since. I've been wondering if he can take E-Drops considering his age and the therapy (vitamin B6 pills and Apilepsin drops that are used as prevention of febrile convulsion). I'd like you to respond me and thanks a lot.

Hi, Aleksandar. E-Drops can be also used by 6-month-old children, so can your son along with his therapy. Feel free to contact some of our distributors. Greetings. Vedran Hasanagic.

Dear Mr. Hasanagic, today, on October 6th 2009, we have contacted Mr. Ljubomir Mihailovic from Valjevo and made a deal. I strongly believe that you and your medication will provide us with normal life. I believe e-Drops will help. Thank you and the best wishes. Aleksandar Jakovljevic.

Dear Mr. Hasanagic, the drops you recommended us along with the therapy showed effects after 10 days and our son Liam has been completely healthy for 7 months. The doctors can't believe it, they are totally amazed. It would be my pleasure to be your distributor for Slovenia, with an office in the center of Ljubljana. The best wishes to you. Greetings from Jakovljevic family from Ljubljana.

Dear Aleksandar, thank you for the great news and I want your son's health to remain optimal. Also, I'd like to thank you for your offer to become our distributor. Since our beginnings in the late 80s, we've never had serious demands from Slovenia which was the reason we have never searched for distributors in that area. Believe it or not, we have had more questions and orders from Australia. In case you are still interested in becoming our distributor, you would be the one in charge of translating our web site in Slovenian and advertising our preparations.

Date: September 9th, 2010 (more than a year later)

I just want to let you know that our son liam has been totally healthy since he ended the therapy against Escherichia coli, and thank god the bacterium haven't reappeared, and we know how annoying and persistent it is. Your specialty has been very efficient and I doubt it will reappear. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This cruel world does really need people like you. Jakovljevic family from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Aco, I'm glad to hear the good news. It's always nice to hear great results. I'd like to ask you to allow us to post your e-mail on our website. We can change your name on your request. Greetings. Vedran.

Of course, no problem, for your sake and sake of the whole mankind. I'll give you my phone number and you can call me no matter what. I wish all the best to you, your family and friends. Greetings.

We haven't changed Mr. Jakovljevic's name, but we kept his phone number private. Vedran Hasanagic. It's been a great pleasure to post e-mails written by Snezana from Belgrade.

Good afternoon. Of course you can post the e-mail. I have also found other posts very useful. I wish you all the best. Faithfully, Snezana K. from Belgrade.

Hello, due to an e-mail 'mistake' I didn't get the drops the following day, and as the temperature was increasing I had to start taking antibiotics. As a matter of fact, I had half a dosage, which means one box, prescribed by my doctor, and I want to say that I change my therapy only in cases when I'm completely certain I'm making the correct decision even though I'm not a doctor or I have anything to do with medicine, and I only rely on my experience and instincts.

Urine culture test is sterile. I've checked twice (at Belgrade city institute and private laboratory), and I immediately started taking E2 drops.

Considering my previous therapy experiences (different antibiotics, even injections), I'm positive E-drops are responsible for disappearance of Escherichia I was struggling with almost a year. I am so convinced of that and I will continue with E2 drops therapy and I am sure next urine culture results will be the same.

As soon as you replied, I bought the vitamins you had recommended me and accepted other advice on diet I found on you website – at least I've tried to obey some as I can't totally exclude coffee and sweets although I don't take much of it (every third or fourth day I have coffee or take some sweets. I suppose that's not too serious).

Anyway, I wanted to thank you. I will surely inform you if I see the bacterium isn't back. Again, I'd like to express immense gratitude to you and Mr. Ljubomir Mihailovic who was very kind and sent me the drops. I'd also like to express my gratitude to your father for his devotion. Greetings. I will inform you about the final result in a while. Snezana from Belgrade.

It's been a great pleasure to post an e-mail by Ana from Zagreb:

You have the best product. I've never had a chance to meet your father, and I'm very thankful for what he's done. I think you've kept on doing well what he had started. I'd like the whole world to find out about you and E-Drops. I'm here in case you need testimonies or my personal information. I'm sorry that some people stick to their embedded beliefs, such as taking pills, without knowing how harmful they are. Doctors are stubborn as well, and they should be more expert. Thank you a lot. Ana from Zagreb.

By a patient's consent I've posted a fragment of our conversation:

Hello, Vedran. I don't know if you remember we talked regarding E-Drops in the middle of December. I had a dilemma as I had transplantation, but after your reply I decided using the drops by instructions. A week later, after the therapy I had urine culture analysis done and I was surprised with the results. All three samples were sterile. Thank you a lot. Greetings. G. from Bar, Montenegro.

Good afternoon, G. Thank you for sharing with me the good news. I'm glad that everything goes just right. Would you mind me posting your e-mail on the website? If you want to remain anonymous, I won't disclose your name. Greetings. Vedran.

Hello, Vedran. Of course I wouldn't mind. On the contrary, everyone should know about the drops and how helpful they are. Greetings. G. from Bar, Montenegro.

Today, our distributor in Serbia received a thank-you-letter from Belgrade by a patient's husband:

Mr. Ljuba, after certain hesitations (persuaded by some of her colleagues and official medical 'experts') my wife decided to get rid of this annoying thing using another E-Drops bottle you sent to us and this finally resulted in the following diagnosis – sterile. On behalf of my wife I thank you one more time for helping us eliminate this problem.

By consent of Ana from Belgrade we've posted a fragment of her e-mail:

Good afternoon, Vedran. I've got good news for you. After a struggle with Escherichia and enterococcus in urine, and later in cervical smear, that lasted for several months, the results are finally in order.

I'd like to say hello and wish that you keep developing your products. All this time I've really believed in your drops (I've had taken 4 bottles since May). Even though my results weren't in order, I felt improvement as soon as I started using them. Also, all the information you posted on your website have been really useful for everyone who's struggled with this bacterium. I think everyone should try these drops as antibiotics treatment has proved to be not so efficient, not pleasant or healthy. I assure you I will recommend them to everyone. As my treatment lasted for several months, I'm still a little afraid of reappearance of infections, so I will have my swabs analyzed soon. I hope results are good and I'll let you know. Greetings. Ana.

I just wanted to share my experiences regarding E-Drops treatment. At the beginning of April I was taking E-Drops because I had 10.000.000 germs per 1 ml of urine. After the treatment urine culture results said 'there hasn't been any increase in the number of germs'. I didn't want to tell you about it immediately, as my doctor advised me to do another checkup in a month. I did it a few days ago, and it proved to be in order. I'm aware of the possibility of infection reappearance, but I hope this struggle with this bacterium is easier as there are also E2-Drops. Thank you.

Thank you very much. I've just received the results of urine saying – sterile. That's exactly what the drops label said. I'm going to recommend them to my friends. Two treatments with cefalexin antibiotics were inefficient and the results were the same. Thank god I found out about your product in time. Greetings. Ivanka Rade.

Hello. I don't know if you remember, but your mother delivered E-Drops to me almost 2 months ago. I promised that I would let you know about the results and I'm doing it now. I had Pap test done and it was in order, there weren't bacteria or any other inflammations. Because of that my doctor told me there was no need to do additional swab analyses. She even told me I could start planning pregnancy. I feel amazing and I hope I'm getting pregnant soon. Thank you a lot for sending me the drops so fast and for being so kind. Thanks. Adela from Tesanj.

Dear Mr. Hasanagic, after a single therapy with the drops and tea 10.000.000 Escherichia coli bacteria per 1 ml of urine just disappeared. I'm very excited and happy. Thanks for your consultations and quick correspondences. I'll recommend this preparation to everyone. I wish you all the best. Greetings. S.K.

I wish you are safe and sound. Last results showed slightly increased number of proteins, but not the bacteria. The drops are very bitter, but I don't care as I finally got rid of the infection. Thanks a lot. Daliborka McGaven from Melbourne.

I couldn't reply sooner because the forum was out of order. Three times a day we would combine E-Drops with pudding and it was so easy for him to eat it. We were doing it like that for 7 days and 10 days later we had urine culture test done which proved to be sterile. Thank you very much. Ivana.